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About J-LUBE



J-Lube® is very effective veterinary obstetrical lubricant, and is completely inert and non-irritating.   

Special Effects


Whether it's dripping from the mouth of an alien creature, or oozing from a gaping wound, J-lube® is a favorite of special effects artists. 

Giant Bubbles


Long known to giant bubble enthusiasts, J-lube® is the secret ingredient that helps enable the staying power of fantastically huge bubbles.

Personal Lube


Easy and inexpensive to mix-up, J-lube® is widely recognized as an extremely slippery personal lube.

Lube Wrestling


Often used as a fundraising event from frat houses to bars, J-lube® Wrestling is slippery, wild fun.



Just like you've seen on TV, J-lube® is used to make the same slime popular with children's entertainment.

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